Believers and Achievers Development specializes in helping individuals with learning challenges to obtain a successful career in Front Office Services. Believers and Achievers Development are willing to go the extra mile to insure no one is left behind.

We have partnered with Madison House who work with those who have autism and together we find ways to make sure they are given the chance to gain better career opportunities. And we accomplish this by offering them financial assistance through raising funds that goes towards a scholarship for them to attend our front office training class.

We also offer a BAAD scholarship to individuals who would like to attend our front office training class who may have trouble finding money to cover the tuition.

We are able to offer these front office training classes because of your generous donations and would love for you to continue to support this effort, by doing so this will allow our students the chance to gain a better career opportunity.

Please feel free to donate by using the button below. Thanks for your continued support!