If you are a business or organization looking for ways to build a strong and stable workforce, we can help through group training or individual one-on-one coaching. Believers and Achievers offers half and full day training sessions on team building, change management and motivation.

Team Building:

This half-day interactive session helps your staff learn how to work  together and build better communication and create a happy and healthy environment.

Change Management:

Help your staff work through change in your organization through establishing trust with your employees and have them to be committed to setting common goals and reaching them. We can help with this by using our step-by-step action plan and holding each employee accountable.


Re-energize your staff by allowing Coach Minnie to empower you stay focused and be all that you can be in the work place and in real-life. Her goal is to make sure that you don't go home the same way that you came. She want to make sure that she make a life changing effect on you and your employees.

Believers and Achievers is available to meet one- on- one with key staff members to work through performance issues or help to identify and work toward career goals.

Happy motivated employees is the key to your success! So let Believers and Achievers help you get your HAPPY BACK TODAY!

Coach Minnie PCC, PhD- Provoking Healthy Decisions